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Barranco is the seventh concept from the award-winning Altamirano Restaurant Group.

Carlos Altamirano

Owner & Executive Chef

Carlos Altamirano is a name familiar to many in the Bay Area. From his popular fleet of Peruvian food trucks to much-loved neighborhood eateries and a Michelin-recognized establishment, Altamirano is a chef whose talents span the culinary spectrum.

Founded by Chef Carlos Altamirano and his wife, Shu Dai, Altamirano Restaurant Group has earned a reputation for exemplary Peruvian cuisine in the San Francisco Bay Area. They opened their first Peruvian restaurant, Mochica, on Harrison Street in San Francisco’s SOMA district in January 2004. The restaurant quickly gained a dedicated following and, after a decade of success, expanded and relocated to Potrero Hill. Hot on the heels of Mochica’s ongoing success, the Altamirano family opened Piqueos, a popular Peruvian tapas bar, in Bernal Heights in 2007. In 2009 they established La Costanera, a contemporary Peruvian restaurant that has earned annual Michelin recognition since 2011, and features the coastal cuisine of Peru from a stunning oceanfront location just north of Half Moon Bay. In 2015, Chef Altamirano opened the tremendously successful Parada in Walnut Creek, which won Diablo magazine’s highest honor in their annual food awards. Inspired by the reception of Parada, he opened two additional restaurants in the East Bay in 2017: the Group’s first fast-casual concept, Paradita Eatery, in Public Market Emeryville, and the full-service Barranco in the heart of downtown Lafayette.

The one consistent element at all the Altamirano eateries is the authentic and flavorful nature of the culinary creations. Altamirano was born and raised in the mountainous coastal region of southern Peru, where he developed an innate appreciation for Peruvian cuisine, which encompasses indigenous, African, European and Asian influences. Working alongside his mother in their kitchen in Lima, he began his culinary career as a teen. Driven to share the traditions of Peruvian cuisine with the world, he moved to San Francisco in 1994.

It is in the Bay Area where Chef Altamirano trained under some of the region’s most renowned and experienced chefs, including Reed Hearon of Rose Pistola and Restaurant Lulu; Bob Helstorm of Grand Café and Kuleto’s; Dave and Ann Gingrass of Hawthorne Lane; and Bradley Ogden of One Market Restaurant. Over the years, the chef has developed a reputation for using innovative techniques and utilizing only the finest and freshest ingredients. In 2010, Chef Altamirano founded Alta Farm, a single-acre plot dedicated to producing the spicy rocoto variety of pepper, a foundational ingredient of Peruvian cuisine. Previously available only as a frozen import, the rocoto is used liberally at all Altamirano Restaurant Group properties.

With a commitment to sharing authentic Latin American culture, creating unforgettable dishes through innovative techniques and using the freshest ingredients, Chef Altamirano has established himself as the acclaimed Bay Area authority on inspired Peruvian cuisine.

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