Bar Cultural

Pura Vida 13
We celebrate being alive
La Pinta Pomegranate tequila, jalapeno, mint leaves, squeezed lime juice and simple syrup

Mochica 13
Redemption Rye, fresh strawberry, pineapple, lemon juice and homemade ginger syrup

Mi Cariñito 13
Bribon Tequila, fresh mango, lime juice, homemade tamarind syrup and tajin pepper

El Campesino 13
Los Amantes Mezcal, bell pepper infused, fresh pineapple, lime juice and egg white

El Tunche 13
Beefeater Gin, Campari, fresh raspberries, lemon juice and fever tree tonic water

El callao 13
Redemption Bourbon, fresh organic peach, Mango and orange homemade tea syrup, lemon juice, egg white

Vertigo 13
Bacardi Rum, Velvet falernum, dry vermouth, grenadine and lemon bitters

La Sarita 15
Grey Goose Vodka, honey syrup, cream, fresh grapefruit and filtered coffee *15

Classic House Drinks

Pisco Sour 13
The Finest Peruvian Invention; ask about Chicha and Maracuya Sour Barsol Pisco-Lime-Egg Whites-Sugar-Cinnamon

Lime Chilcano 13
A refreshing option for any or every day. Ask about Maracuya and Cebiche Chilcano Pisco Quebranta-Lime-Bitters Ginger Beer

Pisco Punch 13
Looking for a native San Franciscan, here is the most of any Pisco Quebranta-Pineapple Gum-Lemon

Spicy Carlitos 13
Barsol Pisco, Roccoto Pepper Infused, Homemade passion fruit puree, lemon juice and rhubarb bitters


Pisco, the national spirit of Peru, is a clear liquor made from specific Peruvian grapes varietals. It’s produced under a strict 400+ years old traditional process that renders the most naturally derived spirit on earth from grapes.

La Caravero 7
By Porton “Quebranta”

Ocuaje Gota 11

Barsol Selecto 12

Porton 13

La Diablada 13

Campo De Encanto 13
“Grand And Noble” Moscatel

Pisco tasting 24
Choice of three piscos

House Made Sangria

Peruvians’ first love affair 12g/28p
Red Burgundy-Brandy-Cava-Inka Kola Fresh Fruits & Juices


Cusqueña 7
Golden Lager, Peru

Bohemia 7
Golden Pilsner, México

Ballast Point 7

Pineapple 7
Sculpin IPA

Anchor Steam 7
Pale Ale, San Francisco CA. Potrero Hill

Blue Moon 7
Belgian Style Wheat Ale, Colorado

cerveza de barril

Lagunitas 8
IPA, Petaluma CA.

Calicoast 8
Kolsch, San Jose CA.

Anchor 8
Mango Wheat, San Francisco CA.

Saint Archer 8
Pale Ale, San Diego CA.


Inka Kola 4
Passion Fruit 4.5
Ginger Lemonade 5
Strawberry Lemonade 5
Chicha morada 4.5
Bundaberg, Root Beer 4.5
Bundaberg, Ginger Beer 4.5
Bundaberg, Guava Soda 4.5
Bottle of Saint- Geron Sparkling Water 8
Bottle of Evian Still Water 8
Coca-Cola 4
Sprite 4
Diet coke 3.5

Bar Mixologist: Arthur Valderrama